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Hi, I'm a guy known as Phantom. I like sketching and original characters. A lot.

I created/helped create this thing called Character Solidifying Sunday and as such sometimes I talk a little too much about my characters.

[Unfortunately due to fog and moss, we find that of you are sadly lost.]

Apr 16 '14

smutte drabble

They had eaten their picnic down to the dessert, but as far as Jesse Nephiliam was concerned, the delicate slices of artisan pies and cake were no match for the flavor of his alien’s mouth.

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Apr 16 '14

"My friend’s majestic huskies." -Hellbetty42


"My friend’s majestic huskies." -Hellbetty42

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Apr 16 '14


 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}

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Apr 16 '14


I found my typewriter just now.

i was browsing through my ‘sometimes phantom writes things’ and found this really stupid poetry i penned and i’m cracking up HOW THE HELL DID I EVER TAKE MYSELF SO SERIOUSLY.

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Apr 16 '14



"I didn’t know it was one of yours," Jesse said through grit teeth. As he sat down his body tensed, back arching forward, he gasped softly.

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Apr 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

I wanna kiss your cutietoot face


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Apr 16 '14


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Apr 16 '14

Be bold, be bold, but not too bold,
Lest that your heart’s blood should run cold.

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Apr 15 '14
Hurts - Sunday (Sunday)


Hurts | Sunday

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Apr 15 '14

Reblog if you want (1) creepy compliment.

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Apr 15 '14

Smut Drabble (Old, from the last time we did this never finished and never submitted)

 No matter how hard he pulled, his hands didn’t budge. The ropes binding Arro to the bed didn’t feel too tight, but there was no wiggle room. The rest of him was left free, but thrashing wasn’t going to do him any good, and even if he had any of his weapons on him he’d have to be a contortionist to use anything to get the ropes off. He couldn’t pull off any Houdini shit, but was starting to think it was a skill he should start practicing. You could never know when a vampire and a demon were going to tie you to your bed and ‘perform’ for you.

 He was trying not to watch them, he could close his eyes, he could look away, but he couldn’t stop hearing, and couldn’t stop himself from feeling the bed shifting as they moved. Instinct, or maybe it was his training, drawing his gaze to them every time he tried to block out the sight, a sound drawing his gaze back, a more noticeable shifting of weight making him look again.

 Denre looked like a ghost beside Jesse. His hair spilling pale over his shoulders, down his back, holding barely more colour than his skin, which looked so much whiter beside Jesse’s sun darkened and freckled skin. The vampire looked so much smaller with Jesse, too, his body looked narrow and weak beside Jesse’s broader shoulders and toned muscles. Arro knew Denre could throw the demon through a goddamn wall if he wanted to, but couldn’t help but worry Jesse, with his size and weight, was going to hurt Denre.

 That was before he saw the demon’s dick. The thing looked as big as his arm, not that he could really hold his arm up for comparison, but it looked like the appendage was better suited for beating someone to death than it was for having sex. Arro was trying desperately not to stare too much at it.

 Denre hadn’t seemed to mind it, when Jesse’s pants had come off Denre had, with barely a glance at the demon’s member, leaned up to whisper something to him. Arro had leaned forward to try to catch the words, ropes firmly holding him back, the knots in the rope around his body pressing into his skin, but he hadn’t heard a word, and Jesse let out a relieved laugh.

 Now they were carefully exploring one another, Denre’s thin fingers tracing the contours of muscles along the demon’s body, while Jesse SURE DID A THING.

I’m going to write you something else this was the old one from the last time we did this. I’m sending it because that one paragraph is just MAKING ME CRACK UP SO BAD HOLY SHIT.


Second of all, holy shit that paragraph. I just… I JUST KEEP STARING AT IT. “…but it looked like the appendage was better suited for beating someone to death than it was for having sex." What a thing of beauty. They will print this post out and hang it in galleries someday in the future.

Thank you so much for this Aeo, it really brightened my day and was crazy fun to read.

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Apr 15 '14


Your friends are allowed to have friends who are not you. They are even allowed to be better friends with them than they are you.

Your friends are not your possessions, you don’t get to dictate who they can and can’t talk to.

If you think you can, you might just be a problem.

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Apr 15 '14

Alain Delon on the set of The Leopard (Luchino Visconti, 1963)


Alain Delon on the set of The Leopard (Luchino Visconti, 1963)

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14

mranonpan asked:

Are you a top or a bottom?


Chaotic Neutral 

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